Putting energy into polluting a waste of time

There are many nasty habits in society. Smoking, swearing, biting your fingernails, and nastiest of all; polluting. What would drive a human being to use the entire world as their garbage can, I don’t know, I don’t understand and I don’t ever really think I will. I guess part of it is being lazy, not wanting to carry you garbage with you until you find a trashcan. Another part of it is maybe lack of caring, you’re going to die one day anyway right, why should you care about the future of the planet. Both of these reasons make sense, well not really, but they sure do make more sense then what I saw this week.

The other day, while I was walking home from the metro on the South Shore, I witnessed the new age polluter; the polluter with style. It was a Thursday afternoon right after lunch time and the Longueuil terminus was full of high school kids out on their lunch hour. It was right around the time when they should all be heading back to school so I was surrounded as I walked out of the terminus. I had followed two guys from the metro doors through the parking lot and we were nearing the road when I saw one of them do something that in my opinion deserved a swift kick in the rear. This kid, who was maybe another five minute walk from his school where there would be trash cans, took his empty bag of chips, went up to a tree and put it in between the branches.

He was putting more time, thought and energy into polluting the world then he would have put into throwing the empty bag out. What is so hard about carrying the bag with you for five extra minutes to school where you can throw it out?

No, instead of trying to do that, and instead of being just old fashioned lazy and throwing the bag on the ground (not that that option is any better) he had to add a little bit of flair to his polluting

He decided to decorate the tree for Christmas! In all reality, crossing the wet soggy lawn and risking getting dirty takes more energy than just carrying the bag with you for a while. At least I think so. What has this world come to that now not only do people pollute the world but they also have to add a little oomph to it when they do?

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