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Another CSU promise left in the cold

by Archives January 17, 2007

There is nothing quite as comforting as a warm, steamy shuttle bus. once you’re finally riding it. Waiting in line for the bus these days, however, may well do you in.

Welcome to the winter season, dear commuting Concordians.

For those of us who travel daily between our two campuses, the wait never seemed as long as it did last Monday – the day winter finally closed in. And the promise of a cozy, heated, ecologically-friendly bus shelter has never seemed so far away.

Although we’ve eagerly waited, childishly hopeful, for the reality of this election promise, we’re obliged to inform you that we have had no word, dear reader, on any sort of bus shelter. No word, for that matter, on the promised Hive sports bar, the promised student parking, the promised “Art on Campus” initiative, nor the promised CSU presence at Loyola.

However, this one issue, this glaring lack of a bus shelter, stands out above the rest.

(But you can take it, dear shuttle-rider, can’t you? You can handle lining up in the wind and snow for a few more months, can’t you?)

I applaud you, dear CSU, for what you’ve accomplished so far with the student space agreement, the advocacy centre and the gala Orientation.

I am pleased to look forward to the sprucing up of the antiquated fee levy system. And I definitely anticipate the upcoming boot-stompin’, activist marchin’, tuition freezin’ parade down to Charest’s office to declare our avowed opposition to any and all fee hikes.

Dear CSU, you have done very well in some areas.

There are bigger issues to tackle than our personal comfort, I know. But accountability is one of the principles this team claimed to value when they ran for election as the Experience slate last March. Keeping your promises is a big issue to me, as I suspect, it is for many of our dear readers.

Empty promises have left students out in the cold, dear CSU, and they’re more likely to remember that come election time than a party at the Hive.

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