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by Archives January 31, 2007

With two referees, two linesmen and instant replays from nearly every angle, goal judges are almost useless in today’s NHL. Why use another human when you usually just go upstairs anyways, right? Well, while the NHL has the technological advantages, the CIS does not. The goal judges at the Ed Meagher arena play a pretty major role in these games. The problem is, the people behind the net are not goal judges.

To me, these people are just as important as the referees. You don’t see Concordia Event Staff going out and calling penalties. why allow them to call goals?

Because there is such an importance on the goal judge, shouldn’t these people be trained and unbiased?

Many times, these judges tell me that they wait for the referee to tell them whether or not it is a goal. but if the referee doesn’t see it? I guess it’s no goal then.

Let me recount three stories that may shift your mind if you are on the fence.

This weekend, the Saint Mary’s Huskies appeared to score a goal. at least everybody thought so. The red light even went on. From where I was sitting (the press box, at centre ice) the puck appeared to go in. The only problem is the referee didn’t think so. He went to ask the goal judge (the guy who put the red light on) and their decision was that it wasn’t a goal.

Earlier this year, Concordia appeared to score a goal. But, the referee ruled that the whistle blew before the red light went on. Again, I emphasize, most of the time the goal judge is waiting for the referee! It is not a good reference.

Last year in the playoffs, a similar problem occurred. Concordia appeared to score a goal (and in the playoffs, every goal is important) but the red light did not go on. The referee had signaled goal, but the goal judge did not think so. The result, again, was a no goal call.

How frustrating is it for these players? I’ve gone to other university arenas and they have actual trained people come in to be a goal judge. I think that it is about time that Concordia follows suit. Not to take anything away from the things that Event Staff do at Concordia games.

I know that I could never put in all the work they do, but to give them so much responsibility is ridiculous and awfully unprofessional.

NCAA moving North?

A few months ago, I mentioned that the University of British Columbia was being stupid in thinking of joining the NCAA. Now, I’m thinking they are still crazy, but it might work. The only problem I see is what Dr. Marvin Washington at the University of Alberta calls the ripple effect. What happens when more and more teams go south to the NCAA and the teams in the CIS no longer want to be part of the “inadequate” league? It can be a downward spiral that will signal the end of University Sport as we know it.

I don’t blame UBC for looking into it from an “us” standpoint. The prestige that comes along with it can be very nice but the consequences could be damaging to the country they are leaving behind.

My research also shows that NCAA sport programs don’t even make money. I don’t see a reason for UBC to defect, and I feel that the results could be awfully humbling when it comes down to it. Rules dictate that the universities have to take part in seven male sports and seven female sports. I doubt that UBC will be competitive in Division I in all of those sports.

Super Bowl prediction

I’ll make this short and sweet. I don’t see the Indianapolis Colts losing. In my view, the Chicago Bears are serving no other purpose than being the Finnish Ice Hockey team at the 1980 Olympics or the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2004 World Series. The Colts overcame insurmountable odds to defeat their arch rival, the New England Patriots, and I don’t see them suffering a let down.

Take the Colts, and the points. Peyton Manning will finally get his ring.

Final score: Colts 24, Bears 14

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