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by Archives January 31, 2007

“I was surprised that my score was so high,” Provoteaux said. “I enjoy walking and use the car most days because I go to work early and there are no buses at that time.”

For 27 years, Provoteaux used Montreal’s transit system to go to work and other places, but when she was forced to work in a field with different hours her habits changed. “Where I work is out of the way and my day starts before the buses hit the road. A car is my only option.”

Like many people who have taken the quiz Provoteaux thought she was environmentally friendly. She does recycle and makes it a point to always use her plastic coffee mug but she feels there is not much more she can do.

How many planets it would take if everyone lived like Provoteaux: 8.8

The average ecological footprint in Canada is 8.8 global acres per person.

Worldwide, there exists 1.8 biologically productive acres per person.

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