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Head and Hands: Presenting a magazine for young mothers

by Archives January 31, 2007

Head and Hands have put their heads together and come up with a solution for the “social isolation and marginalization” of young immigrant mothers in Canada. The solution is short, sweet and simple: a free, bilingual magazine that addresses such issues. Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal! is coming your way.

The organization Head and Hands is well-known for its activities relating to the “physical and mental health of young people in Montreal,” but with the New Year, Heads and Hands decided to create something from scratch; solutions to the issues a young immigrant mother must face in Canada.

Young mothers are sometimes looked down upon in our society and Head and Hands goes as far as calling this attitude of others towards young mothers to be “denigrating.” Head and Hands also believes that visible minorities suffer from “systematic discrimination,” and those two negative mentalities combined can lead to self-isolation for many immigrant mothers.

So, Head and Hands decided to create a bilingual magazine that addresses issues such as these. The magazine has many great aspects.

First, it’s free. Second, and most importantly, it’s a magazine that’s for young people by young people, meaning that what you read will likely be written by a teenager that has first-hand experience in what he or she writes about.

The magazine’s content is focused on youth experience in certain situations, like becoming pregnant at a young age or being isolated because of immigrant status and more importantly, it also serves as a resource-guide.

Head and Hands are proud to declare that the magazine gives information in a “non-intimidating way,” so youths won’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask questions and learn about these sensitive issues.

The magazine’s focus group is young parents and immigrants and the organization hopes that it will permit both to fight off isolation and easily integrate into society.

The magazine’s name shares originality with Heads and Hands’ own name, Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal! The first issue just came out, and you can check it out in social and health organizations around N.D.G. Its first issue was quite successful and Heads and Hands are hopeful for the second one.

The first issue was focused on several young mothers from diverse backgrounds relating their experiences from creative form to expressive forms.

Heads and Hands are also looking for submissions for the next issue of the Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal! from young parents and young members of immigrant communities; stories, autobiographies, poetry, drawing, comics, interviews and much, much, more. Any third language submissions are not only accepted, they are strongly encouraged.

Ideas such as these are the reason why, Head and Hands are helping so many young people in Montreal. The bilingual magazine aims to educate youths on issues dear to young mothers and immigrants having a rough time. Heads and Hands, with the magazine Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal! hits home.The first issue can be found in social and health organizations around N.D.G..Watch out, ‘Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal!’ is moving your way. Fast.

If you want to submit a piece of your creative and/or expressive writings, just drop it off at Head and Hands at 5833 Sherbrooke W.

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