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MakeYou Sway!

by Archives January 24, 2007

Winter kicked in. I don’t know about you but I think it’s getting cold!

Now close your eyes. No, I’m not a hypnotist. Now the music starts and you can’t help but move your hips. The sound of the music seems to seep into your veins and take control of you. Yes, I swear I’m not a hypnotist. Are you with me? Now one hand is holding your partner’s while the other takes its place on their body.

Whether it is your first time or if you are more experienced, you can take your place with the Concordia Tango Club (CTC). The CTC is located at Dewey Hall, 6870 Terrebonne, N.D.G. and in the F.C. Smith auditorium at the Loyola Campus.

Not sure if you want to make your way outside into this blistering weather to get the 411? Grab a chair infront of your computer or pull out your laptop.

You can sit tight until you’re sure you want to bust a move; the CTC class schedule and information on Argentinean Tango is posted at www.richardsagala.com. Group lessons as well as private classes are available. Keep warm and shake your bonbon!

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