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University commits $300,000 to Hive

by Archives January 31, 2007

After meeting with the university’s administration Friday, CSU President Khaleed Juma said they came back with some commitments from the university with regard to the tentative Collective Space agreement.

The 24-page proposal “has gone to the university lawyers to be checked out in terms of [the university’s] liability, if they do sign space over to us,” said Juma.

The CSU began pressing for more student control over certain spaces on both campuses when the school administration started renovating the mezzanine space in the Hall building to turn it into a student lounge at the beginning of the school year. Juma said they are hoping to reach an agreement by the end of their mandate.

“We took the initial draft agreement of the seventh floor and extended it [to establish] who will be in charge of the rest of the space, who has final say on it,” said Juma. If the agreement is signed by the university, it would turn significant control over to the student body as to what happens in those spaces.

Spaces being negotiated include: the Hive and Guadagni lounge at Loyola, the Q- and K-annexes downtown, storage facilities, club offices in the basement of the cafeteria building and the seventh floor of the Hall building, including the People’s Potato cafeteria.

“The spaces themselves aren’t being contested . . . it’s about who has final say on it,” said Juma.

What is still up for negotiation is “who should maintain, renovate, secure and clean the spaces. It’s still being discussed.”

The university confirmed Friday it will put $300,000 towards renovating the Hive, the long-defunct club space on Loyola’s campus.

“By the first week of March, [we will be] unveiling a model to show students,” Juma said. “By latest, latest September 2007, we’ll have a useable, rentable, bookable, enjoyable Hive.”

The contract is currently out for tender and one of three firms now bidding are expected to be chosen in the next five weeks.

The company that’s picked will then design the layout of the Hive together with CUSACorp (Concordia University Students’ Association Corp.), the financial end of the CSU that runs Reggie’s and student-run spaces. The administration will be under CUSA Corp’s jurisdiction as it will be making profit.

The space is to be split into two, with a student-run bar in one area and a cafe run by an outside company. The agreement would allow student clubs to book or rent the space, which Juma said would take the pressure off Reggie’s bar, currently the only venue that clubs can rent with a liquor licence.

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