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by Archives January 17, 2007

Once in a while an event comes along that draws a community together. I came across this one when Carl Comeau, promoter and organizer of this benefit, contacted me and I felt the need to help get the word out.

Like many I’m sure, I am guilty of selfishness and give in much too easily when apathy comes knocking. “The next person will help,” I tell myself and keep walking. “I’ll try next time, when I have time,” and I shrug it off. But this February will be different. In the least, I’ll send this article out in hopes that readers get together and partake in this community fundraiser and help make a difference right here in our city.

Montreal based roots/blues singer-songwriter Rob Lutes is doing more than his share. He is headlining a benefit concert at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall. The benefit concert is dubbed Rob Lutes & Friends and is bringing approximately ten talented musicians to the stage to help raise money for Curzon Nursery School and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. “It’s a great cause and it’s good to give back in that way,” Lutes said.

Guests will include Lutes’ band RD Harris, Tony Cuco, Rob MacDonald and Stephen Barry. Montreal singer-songwriter Katie Moore is also schedule to appear with Terry Joe Banjo, a local banjo virtuoso, and renowned contemporary blues musician, Guy Belanger.

Rob Lutes built a name for himself nationally by playing eminent festivals including The Montreal International Jazz Festival and the Toronto International Bluesfest. With two previous albums under his belt, Lutes recently launched his third recording, Ride the Shadows. “My two previous records had more band, more electric instrumentation on them,” Lutes described. “But this one, I consciously made more acoustic because that’s really where I come from. I often play [live] in an acoustic duo or trio so it just made sense to make a record that reflected that reality.”

Lutes’ roots/blues is crafted with the perfect mix of storytelling, melodic tunes and warm passionate vocals all the while maintaining a sweet sense of modesty. It’s no wonder this man’s third effort is receiving such welcoming praise so soon after its release.

Lutes’ music is inspired by life and his surroundings and this shines through his lyrics. “I’d say they’re mostly autobiographical or about people I know,” the songwriter commented. “But sometimes they’re not directly autobiographical, but if they come out of anything inside you, they are to some extent part of you.”

This coming February won’t be the first time Lutes brings his music directly into the community. Ideas for this fundraiser began churning at Lutes’ Monday night gigs at Honey Martin in N.D.G. “It’s great to be in your own community and play. And even better to raise money for a really good cause,” Lutes added. Great music, local acts all for a good communal cause. It’s worth your time.

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