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Black History Month:

by Archives February 14, 2007

I wandered aimlessly around the seventh floor of the Hall Building’s student lounge for about 15 minutes, making two full laps before I finally stumbled upon the exhibition set up in honour of Black History Month. Each year, February marks the time where Black History is celebrated and to honour the occasion, Concordia’s Caribbean Students have put together a two-part art exhibit.

The first part, consisting of around a half dozen works by Sudanese artist Izzeldin Kojour, in no way broadcasts itself or its purpose. To the students sitting in the ultra-modern black couches, the display along the wall separating them from the cafeteria fades into the background – just more images competing against numerous posters and ads for our attention.

The works themselves are textured paintings, some more abstract than others, none very political. They make a nice set, drawing from the same aquamarine, brown and beige colour families. Unfortunately the glare from the windows overwhelms and if you want to see them up close, prepare to climb some furniture as the couches are right up against the display glass.

Downstairs, more pieces sit equally unnoticed in Java U as students engage in conversation, studies and coffee. At least the works here are given a tad more emphasis; each one sporting those nifty display lights that come standard in any museum or gallery exhibit. One cannot help but wonder, however, if a student body as diverse and cultural as that of Concordia’s might not stop to reflect upon the significance of this display and the traditions it honours, if only there were an indicatory sign placed strategically in view.

Possibly, the second component of this exhibition will garner a bit more attention. On Thursday, February 15th from 6 to 8pm, a closing reception will take place in the lounge area overlooking Boulevard de Maisonneuve at the Hall Building.

There will be appearances by black artists including Kojour, as well as photographer Karen Bambonye and Concordia students Kym Dominique-Ferguson and Gregory Theobal.

The evening will also feature musical performances, a live installation and some refreshments.

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