Copeland rides into town with Switchfoot Saturday, March 3 for the Canadian leg of their North American tour.

Aaron Marsh (vocals), and his fellow band mates, Bryan Laurenson (guitarist), James Likeness (bassist) and Jonathan Bucklew (drummer), made the transition from an indie label to Columbia Records with their third full length album Eat, Sleep, Repeat, still fresh from its release four months back.

“It was a very quick process. Columbia heard the new record and the transition was a quick and painless one,” guitarist Bryan Laurenson said.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat seems to be a mundane title for an album, still there is a sense of curiosity about it. Once you’re past the simple shell, this album is anything but shallow. There is a deep end and Marsh’s vocals will pull you into that rich darkness. Even that first listen is captivating. Fans of the previous albums will appreciate this third effort, though there is a more fragile and subdued shadowy feel here. Eat, Sleep, Repeat embodies stellar song writing and instrumentation- these are not clich

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