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Dancing in Paradise

by Archives February 7, 2007

Anyone who was at the Skol gallery on the 3rd floor of the Belgo, 372 St. Catherine W. from Friday, Jan. 12, 8.30 p.m. to Saturday 5 a.m. could be counted as one of the lucky 100 or so people to have experienced the opening of Dancing in Paradise.

The installation, a giant two-storey fridge equipped with a huge conveyor and an enormous rack, is a sequel to Singing in Paradise, one of the many adventures of Floating Land, the utopian nomadic world created by Sophie Dejode and Sebastien Lacombe. Until Feb. 10, the French pair of visual artists has opened up the fridge as a showcase to any Montreal-based artist ready to exhibit their art: videos, dancing, painting etc. Those of us who missed the opening night will have a chance to amend. On Feb. 9, the musical of choreographer Andrew Tay and composer Merlin Ettore will be back on stage for the last time.

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