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Lillian Boctor,
Journalism Student
Total Footprint: 4.1 acres

“Taking this quiz has made me reflect on all the waste that I produce and all the ways that I can make less of a footprint on the earth,” Boctor said.

“I will not leave the house without my re-usable coffee cup, and if you see me with a disposable one, yell at me!”

Boctor’s score is below the national average but still she plans to make her apartment more energy efficient.

“I could use less water and eat more local food and try and walk as much as I can.”

Boctor isn’t just hoping to change for herself. There is another reason.

“My daughter is my inspiration and I want her to be able to experience a healthy and beautiful world, free of all the pollution and damage we’ve caused.”

The average ecological footprint in Canada is 8.8 global acres per person.

Worldwide, there exists 1.8 biologically productive acres per person.

We would need 2.4 planets if everyone lived like Boctor.

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