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Mark thought he was environmentally friendly. He recycles and doesn’t drive and rarely travels long distances by plane.

But when he took the test he learned that the amount of processed foods he eats adds to his footprint.

“I guess some changes are in order,” Hickey said.

“I am surprised at my score but when you think about it all of us eat a lot of meat and livestock takes up a lot of land. From what I know the meat is processed far away and is transported to our grocery stores. That takes a lot of miles and a lot of gas.”

Hickey likes the idea of changing his eating habits to reduce his footprint.

“I’ll probably feel healthier but I hope it will encourage others to change as well,” he said.

If everyone lived like Hickey we would need 6.0 planets

The average ecological footprint in Canada is 8.8 global acres per person.

There exists 1.8 biologically productive acres per person worldwide.

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