Letters to the editor:

Dear Editor,

On Friday, January 26, the Fine Arts Student Association (FASA) Council unanimously passed a motion expressing solidarity with support, technical and library staff members and their respective unions in their difficulties with this university over collective bargaining. These Concordia staff members have at this point worked for several years without collective agreements, and consequently without pay increases – an egregious and frankly unfair state of affairs that must not be allowed to continue.

That support, technical and library staff members make an integral contribution to student’s programs is a fact that cannot be either ignored or exaggerated. Students enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts benefit tremendously from their expertise and assistance, and recognize that such categories of employees must be respected and remunerated fairly.

As per the content of the motion, FASA calls upon Concordia University administrators and units responsible for the collective-agreement negotiation process “to return in good faith to the bargaining table to resolve upon a new contract with said staff members and their unions.”

FASA likewise calls upon all Concordia students and their representative organizations also to raise their voices and “to express their solidarity with Concordia staff members and their unions.” If we all speak up in unison, surely this situation can be resolved most expeditiously to the satisfaction of all concerned, before things get to the breaking point where strike action impacts us all.

Ed Janzen, President
Fine Arts Student Alliance

Dear Editor,

I am sure that several of us have read this article pertaining to what is formally known as Upper Crust. I for one am appalled at the ferocious attack laid out by Ms. Marshall. As a frequent visitor to buy my coffee in the morning I have gotten to know the staff quite well. Mostly Stephanie as she is the one I do the most dealing with. So needless to say I hear quite a bit and we ourselves have quite a few conversations as well. Seems to me that she has to field the same questions again and again to which she generally replies with the best of her knowledge. Here’s what you all may or may not realize. Do you all recall last semester when there was no selection to be seen, everything was left out and very precariously thrown together? How many times have you gone by only to see that it was closed for whatever reason? Not to mention the decor left a lot to be desired as well. Remember how there was only one type of coffee and that junky piece of plywood in the front that served as the counter? I can’t speak for anyone else but I personally have noticed some fantastic improvements. There’s more selection, if you ask her for something nicely she’ll try her best to get it for you the next day or in a few days. Soup is a new addition, she also fought the battle to stay open until at least 2:45 so that we could grab one last coffee before class or during our break so that we don’t have to run to the SP complex or elsewhere. While visiting her on a Friday she too noticed the lack of selection and since that day the fridge has always been full. People constantly come and complain and she takes it all with grace. What some people who are obviously too spoiled to realize is that she goes out on a limb for you students, why? Because she likes her clients, and wants to try her best to make everyone happy. She didn’t have to go out on a limb for anyone but she did. Now because of her and her improvements, the space looks better, we have what 3 types of coffee, more choices, and she takes the time to individually wrap all of her goodies so that they stay fresh every single morning. Oh by the way Ms. Marshall the renovations are underway finally after what appears to be some serious delays. Although I for one am hopeful that they put them off until the end of the semester so that I can enjoy my coffee in the morning and some light conversation before heading off too class. So if you don’t know all of the facts, maybe you should just keep your thoughts to yourself in the meantime.

Jason S.
Frequent Customer

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