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The genuine curiosity and honesty that children exude inspires Jose Gabriel Bran Lopez. Finding pleasure and inspiration in the people that surround him, Lopez has thrown himself into a slew of activities around Concordia and around the world, changing lives and bringing together communities for the youth of Montreal and Concordia alike.

“I get it from the people, from the world. . . from the smiles, laughs, from sitting down with friends and chatting about life,” says Lopez, himself a whirlwind of energy.

Lopez was born in Guatemala and came to Concordia after completing a DEC in theatre at Montreal’s John Abbott College. Determined to become fluently trilingual, Lopez settled into life at Concordia studying communications and human relations.

During his first semester, Lopez threw himself into Concordia’s associations and extra-curricular activities, building an impressive portfolio. Lopez, president of Concordia’s Garnet Key Society, was also one of the main organizers of the Communications Guild, instigated the first team from Concordia to compete in the Jeux de la Communication competition last year, and won both the 2006 Rogers Sportsnet Scholarship and the Astral Media Scholarship awards. Lopez is also an actor, sky diver, scuba diver, ex-radio D.J. and traveler.

After three years of non-stop activity, Lopez is now putting the finishing touches on a new event to be held this Saturday, called Youth Fusion Jeunesse. The event brings together a slew of organizations that involve youth in peace-building activities. Inspired by the Dawson tragedy, Lopez decided that fusing creativity and youth would equal something powerful and long-lasting.

Lopez believes that youth should invest in their creativity. “We’re trying to show the audience, the youth, the Montreal community, university students, that there are other things than just sitting around and chatting in front of your computer. You can go do things, creative stuff. There are ways to use your talents and have fun with youth.”

Youth Fusion Jeunesse debuts at 10 a.m. in the Hall Building, bringing together organizations involved in teaching and supporting the creativity of youth. Workshops from digital photography to filming will be held for all ages looking to develop their talent and energy.

Although Lopez constantly encourages others to get involved, he believes in rest and relaxation to recharge. “Sometimes I’ll have my glass of wine and listen to my Norah Jones. I like to sit down and relax and treat myself, but then I just keep going again. But that’s how I manage,” said Lopez, who says his fuel is deadlines and endless creativity.

Lopez suggests that any student looking to be involved in the Concordia community and around Montreal should look up a student association they are interested in and offer man-power, which, he says, every association needs.

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