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The Parti Québécois goes Orwellian

by Archives February 28, 2007

In light of the upcoming elections, the Parti Québécois have released Reconstruisons Notre Québec, a 24-page summary of the party’s ideas.

Of particular interest is the term “consultation populaire” (popular consultation) to replace “referendum”.

In true Orwellian fashion, the party has opted to water down meaning by altering vocabulary, just like the term “civilian casualties of war” has now become “collateral damage”.

Here are some other terms the party is probably thinking of replacing in the future:The term “Elections” will become “Renewing our contract with you”

“Taxes” will become “Social services guarantees”

“Potholes” will become “Air pockets of love”

“Smog” will become “The city’s perfume”

“Traffic” will become “Downtime with strangers”

“Hospital wait times” will become “Introspection time”

“The Liberal Party” will become “Satan’s forces”

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