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What the Minister of the Environment is really thinking

by Archives February 14, 2007

On Feb. 2, Radio-Canada’s website reported Environment minister John Baird’s surprise at the IPCC’s conclusion that humans are responsible for global warming. Radio-Canada quoted him as saying “What’s a big surprise, is that 300 world scientists say that it is without doubt [that human activity is the cause of global warming].”

This from our minister of the Environment.

Here are other quotes that might have passed through Mr. Baird’s mind.

“I am shocked that rain is actually part of the water cycle. I thought it was God’s tears.”

“Paper comes from trees? Geez that’s a new one.”

“Babies come from storks. Mommies and daddies order them online.”

“No no no, humans did not evolve from monkeys. We were beamed to earth 6,000 years ago by Gilbkor the Almighty”

“Copernicus got it wrong. The Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun. That’s just crazy talk!”

“Here’s how the Internet works: magical faeries run all day on giant wheels which power the networks.”

“Electric cars have tiny little waterfalls in their engines which make them go vroom vroom.”

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