Disappointing season for Lady Stingers

I’m a big horror film fan. I get frustrated when the teenagers head upstairs, of all places, and ignore the fact that they’ll have no way out to escape the clutches of that homicidal maniac.

I like the suspense of horror. I like the thump-thump music that alerts you of some imminent danger. And it’s that build up of something to come that gives horror its power and allure and grotesque charm. Well, I think so anyway.

Now you may be wondering: Where is she going with this? Aren’t I reading the sports section? Give me some statistics already!

Well, this past season of the Stingers women’s basketball team, just like the best horror movie, presented me with that same sense of something to come. Something was always just around the corner, whether it be a full 40 minutes of basketball, a disciplined offence or sustained focus and concentration.

Unfortunately, there was never a reprieve of that suspense. Everyone was left in limbo. I sat there, game after game, hopeful. I knew it would happen. This team had the talent, the depth and the drive to get the job done. But. nothing.

Head coach Keith Pruden reverberated the same ideas after every match-up: They could have played better. They had the lead, but let it slip away. They’re a young team, but there’s no excuse. Etc, etc, etc.

And that pretty much sums up Concordia’s season. The team itself is talented, there’s no question. With forward Stephanie Ramonas’ intensity and leadership, Krystle Douglas’ precise shooting, and the enthusiasm of virtually everyone on the squad, the Stingers should have made it farther than they did.

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