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by Archives March 28, 2007

“Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

—George Jean Nathan 1882–1958

It shames me deeply to admit that I am now officially one of those good citizens.

How does an informed conscientious, active member of society who cares about this province and knows the issues manage to skip out on one of her most important civic duties?

Well, like a mere mortal outside a hot nightclub, I wasn’t on “the list” and couldn’t get past the electoral velvet rope.

What I didn’t know is that, unlike in federal elections, you can’t just show up with identification and a phone bill and cast a ballot. Basically, I neglected to register on time, and when I got to my polling station on election day, I was told by one of the diligent election foot soldiers that I couldn’t vote.

I’ve written about electoral reform, political hypocrisy, stupidity and duplicity and most of all the need for citizen engagement.

Now I was the disengaged hypocrite.

I almost cried. I walked home in the rain with my head hung low, wallowing in electoral self-pity and shame.

So this is me offering my sincere apologies to those who wanted to see a Liberal majority. I’m sorry.

But wait. Unlike in much of the rest of the province, the PQ candidate in my riding was voted in by a landslide. The Liberals came in a distant second and the ADQ an insignificant fourth.

Basically, Andr

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