IMPACT: accountability

IMPACT’s main goals are to increase accountability with CSU finances and to cut through the bureaucracy they see hindering student access to the executive.


“We would like to bring the CSU back to the students . . . You need to bring the [personal touch] back to the school.”

If elected Hollier said their executive would set up a table on the Mezzanine for two hours per week where students can feel free to address any concerns, problems, ideas or initiatives.

Hollier said communication is a matter of getting the word out. He would like executives to spend time everyday to speak to individual students.

Hollier added that receipts and financial information would be posted on the CSU website, but more importantly, that he would post such information on a billboard in a public space with the “key points” highlighted so students would be continually updated.

Academic Support

“What we want to do is bring more people into the CSU, we’re not going to stop at seven [executives]. We want to have ‘Vice-Vice Presidents’.”

VP Academic Beisan Zubi said they would recruit volunteers to support the CSU’s services. For example, people who have an interest in bursaries or advocacy could help inform students of the services available.

Hollier stressed that these volunteers would act as external agents to provide a check and balance for the CSU.

The slate is trying to arrange professional-quality tutoring at a cheaper cost with services such as SOS and Grade-Savers for Concordia students.


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