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Night of the poster wars

by Archives March 14, 2007

Game plans were settled and running shoes were tightened as slate supporters braced to attack the walls with tape and posters. When CSU executives gave the word, roughly 100 people streamed up the escalators at the Hall Building.

“It smelled like burnt rubber on metal,” said Nestor Sanajko, a volunteer overseeing the event Monday night.

Every year, poster night begins at exactly midnight when slates and their supporters scramble to find the biggest and most visible spaces for posters. Though there were less people participating than last year, CSU president Khaleed Juma said it was more intense.

“The voracity was that much more . . . this year it’s about getting out the kids and getting them to understand the issues,” said Juma, who was there to “keep the peace.”

The posters speak for the rivalry as walls and bulletin boards are dominated by two slates – GO Concordia and Unity. IMPACT, a slate established no more than a week ago, was a third presence but their posters only temporary until they get proper ones made.

In the end, both GO Concordia and Unity assessed the night a success, judging from the amount of support each was able to garner. Nairra Tariq, running for VP for Clubs and Space for GO, was very optimistic when the dust settled.

“This was the first challenge of our campaigning period, and we . . . successfully turned it to our advantage,” she said.

By 12:30 a.m., scurrying students were replaced by janitors in the hallways, clearing away balls of tape and discarded posters.

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