Polls Open!

Tuesday morning kicked off the first day of Concordia’s CSU elections. Students came away from the polls with varying degrees of understanding about what they had just supported on their ballots.

Caroline Cseszko, thought the ballot was too complicated. “There’s too much detail, you need some time to sit down and think about it. You’re on the spot, people are waiting, [and] you just sort of put down an answer at best.”

When asked if she was aware of what she was voting for, Cseszko said, “I don’t even really know anything about any of the parties; I just looked on the poster and made my decision strictly on the posters.”

Patty Lamothe said he took the time to learn about the issues before voting and hopes his educated vote will pay off. “I know exactly what’s going on, how it will best benefit the school and best benefit myself, being a member who’s interests are at stake in terms of the queer community at Concordia.”

Amine Dabchy also wants his vote to make a difference. “We hope the new team [is going to] change the routine of this year and last year.”

Attiqa Syeda said one of the pages had a lot of writing, but that it’s in the students’ best interests. “There has to be awareness among the students on what’s going on [with] the CSU and what they’re up to.”

Environmentally responsible, Cody Hicks said he was hoping they would come up with a eco-friendly system. “I kind of wish they could do some secured electronic voting because there’s so much wasted paper these days, it was kind of silly.”


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