UNITY: synergy

“Our name not only exemplifies political unity, but also unity amonst different ideals . . . to being able to get things done day to day.”


“If you are spending student money, it should be expected that transparency should be one of your priorities.”

UNITY said they want to reach out to Concordia’s student body by letting them know about all CSU funded services and the budgeting behind them. They have promised that, if elected, their CSU budgets would be published on an easily accessible webportal.

UNITY said communication extends past budgeting and finances. They want to establish a fully accessible CSU office on the Loyola campus, publish semi-annual reports on CSU activities and maintain “direct lines of communications” between faculties and their respective student delegations.

Academic Services

“Using the resources that one club has to benefit another [will] create more synergy in the university.”

The slate proposes to encourage clubs to interact and trade skills.

They also propose setting up a subsidized student tutoring centre to aid students in achieving academic success and building their careers. This type of service would create jobs for students who want to help, once again playing on the idea of “synergy” within the university.


“The fact that 1,800 Concordia students showed up to the Al Gore event means we are interested [in sustainability].”

UNITY wants all students to know that greening the campus is a top priority. They want to bring more awareness to the campus on why sustainability impacts students personally and as a community.

UNITY supports all sustainability initiatives at Concordia and would make sure these groups have all the tools to “go green.”

They also want to approach businesses in the area to make sure they “can adopt green policies.” The slate would ensure all green initiatives are represented on the CSU team by a VP with a sustainability portfolio.


“For us a big point is outreach. We really want to go to students, especially Loyola students and really tell them what their union is doing.”

UNITY would open up a Loyola CSU office to meet the needs of Loyola students.

The slate aims to bring the same student services to Loyola that are available downtown, like the People’s Potato, cheap printing and free telephones.

UNITY also plans on getting the Hive off to a flying start. A work in progress, the student club space in Loyola’s library building is slated to open in September. The team wants to make sure that everything from comedy festivals to jam nights happen all year round.

They also plan to revive Loyola campus life by using facilities already in place, like the Oscar Peterson concert hall, to host jazz and classical concerts.

President: Angelica Novoa
VP Loyola/Sustainability:
Mathieu Murphy-Perron
VP Student Life: Leah Del Vecchio
VP Communications: Noah Stewart-Ornstein
VP Finance: Fauve Castagna
VP University Affairs: Shandell Jack
VP Clubs/Projects: Ruirui Zhu
VP External: Erica Jabouin

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