CSU President Khaleed Juma: Part 2

PART II – A change in operations

Why is the CSU looking into hiring a general manager? What’s wrong with the current researcher-archivist job?

The researcher archivist job doesn’t exist anymore. We cut it down into two jobs: there’s contract-based research, which will be given out on a contractual basis whenever we need some research done, then there’s a part-time archivist. We had a researcher-archivist who would take so many liberties, who would take off 3 weeks every year to campaign against the people who signed his paycheques.

The bigger part of it was: how can you have someone who has so much control over all the information in the CSU who wasn’t really answering to anyone? Because his job description was written in such a way that he was pretty much autonomous.

In terms of the general manager: the student union is moving into an era where the CSU is becoming a landholder and a building proprietor and a real estate developer and managing businesses. Right now, we manage Reggie’s and rent out Java U. In a year, we’ll have another version of Reggie’s on the Loyola campus as well as a new caf

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