Marshall’s Law

This is it, the last publication of the year.

The issue that will stay on the stands until September. Consequently, I had to come up with something so profound, so awe inspiring, that even in the hot month of July the topic would still incite passion. So naturally I couldn’t really think of something and decided to go with a column of random musings. The leftovers column, if you will.

Let the randomness begin.

Remember when the West Virginia team won the NIT basketball championship game? I wouldn’t have either, if but for the fact that the team’s post-game t-shirt was misspelled and read “West Virgina”. We all had a laugh, and wondered how the people involved could have let this happen. Didn’t anyone notice the mistake? Silly athletes can’t spell, we snickered.

Well, athletes and journalists hav something in common, apparently. The journalism “hoodies” that the Journalism Students Association ordered are now in, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, they read Jounalism. How proud I was as a child when I told my parents I wanted to be a jounalist. The “hoodies” have been rekalled, I mean recalled.

This is not an isolated incident either. The Code of Ethics for Quebec Journalists on the website for the F


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