Straight up and down

First and foremost, The Roots show at Metropolis last week was incredible. Having seen them several times before with disappointment, I was skeptical. But this time the performance was all love. On stage for nearly three hours, the legendary Illadelph crew went from playing their own classics to doing a 20-minute blend covering songs from Tribe to Lil Jon. Even the jam sessions fueled by Questlove’s drum solos kept the spirits high and the party going.

To top it off, Quest provided a scholarly lesson to DJs by mixing at Le Sociale for another three hours after the show. While other members of the band were mingling with fans, Quest did an entire set based on James Brown mixed with records that sampled his work. Great night.

Just when I thought Bush and the Gang couldn’t pull off another faux-pas to piss us all off, the world had to be introduced to MC Rove. Dubya’s closest “political guru” (aka the Devil) single-handedly sucked the cool out of rap last week when he busted a freestyle at a gala dinner.

While pulling moves that make Urkle look like Michael Jackson, Young Rove went on stage with his tuxedo-rocking posse to kick rhymes about animal cruelty and shooting quail. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry but I did consider political assassination for a moment. I don’t know what to make of the world the day hip-hop hits Washington.

Imagine the jump-off on a saturday night at the White House. Paul Wolfowitz on the wheels of steel, Condelezza Rice burning up the dance floor while grinding up on Dick Cheney and Bush at the bar chanting “till the sweat drop down my balls!” Then MC Rove’s special performance of the Capitol Hill banger “Corporate Pimps” and the neo-con anthem “Rockin’ Iraq”.

During his performance at the gala, Rove did take a cue from Diddy by pulling out his cellphone and pretending to be busy. Maybe Def Jam is already looking to tap a new demographic…

Speaking of cellphones, isn’t it great that people’s awful taste in music has to be shoved in my face every time their cellphone rings. Honestly, how many times do I have to hear Akon’s “Smack That” at Presse Cafe before I decide to retreat to a Tibetan monastery. Is the library suppose to turn into a club every time your mom calls you?

If you guys are ever bummed out, come to Reggie’s on Thursday nights and wait for someone to freestyle outside. Pure comic relief. Between the dollar beers and those freestyles, I damn near soil myself every time. MC Rove might drop some fire next week.

There’s a new label kicking off here called Bad Habitz Entertainment that is looking for singers, rappers, DJs and producers. You can contact them at [email protected] and check out their new single by rapper Teknish on myspace/teknsihn. Very promising material.

Another talented producer here at Concordia is Breeze. Armed with an MPC 1000 and Tech 1200s, Breeze cooks up soulful beats that are a delight to true hip-hop heads. Hit him up and check his beats at myspace/breezeproduction.

If you guys want to check out some dope art, hit up Le Kop Shop (111 Roy E.) on Friday at 8 p.m. to see a free expo of artist The Mac. His work, a mix of outdoor spray-paints and canvas pieces is thought-provoking and a treat to the eye. (

Delicious little U.K. sensation Lily Allen is performing at Club Soda, also on Friday. She’s blowing up right now and for the right reasons. Don’t front like that song “Smile” doesn’t make you happy.

Ghislain Poirier will be slinging bounce at Main Hall on Saturday night, along with Matt Shadetek and 77Klash from Sound-Ink, New York. It may be one of the last Bounce Le Gros parties so make sure to catch it.

Anyway … beats, rhymes, love, hate. Just send it to my gmail …



Masta Ace: “Big City”

Das Efx: “Real Hip-Hop”

Soulsonic Force: “Looking for the Perfect Beat”


UGK feat Outkast:

“International Players Anthem”

Evidence: “Down in New-York” Freeway feat Musiq: “Buddy (remix)”


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