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Students booted out of Reggie’s

by Archives April 4, 2007

Shortly after last call Thursday night, students were kicked out of Reggie’s, where hundreds had gathered for the election results party. After a brawl, during which some students said they were roughed up by Reggie’s bouncers, most students left, leaving a group of about 20 people on the terrace.

It was the first time in at least five years that students were not allowed to stay at Reggie’s for the traditional election result announcement. Last year, students stayed in the student-run bar until 5 a.m. Waiting for the results, finally announced close to 4 a.m., some of the students expressed that they felt displaced.

“It made it law. When the CEO stood on the bench or the bar at Reggies and yelled out the winners of the elections, that was next year’s student government,” said Jason Gondziola, a newly-elected councilor.

“And now it’s like, a handful of us out here. It kinda sucks and I’m cold.”

There is no word yet on why the pub shut down. CSU VP External Justin Levy said he was surprised by what had happened.

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