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What to try this summer

No, this is not the title of the latest runaway collection by Alexander McQueen. But right here at this moment, we are going to talk about his Scottish boy meets Goth ballerina runway tendencies.

And that is because we, humble profanes, have a lot to learn from Mr. McQueen, starting with the use of texture, patterns and most importantly, colours in our wardrobe.

“Colour” is a dreaded word. But it need not be. Colours might just brighten up your day or your face or a second in your life. Patterns and textures might just take you on a trip around the world. So why not embrace it?

One very fundamental rule is that colours play your complexion either up or down. Keep your skin tone in mind.

If you have no idea what your skin tone is, learn to know thyself!

The easiest way to find out is to look at your hand joints. For instance, you may have fair skin but with rosy undertones or olive undertones or even yellowish undertones.

Just look at your joints; if they are usually pink than you have pink undertones and so forth. Darker skins, ranging from golden to black are easier to identify.

This is important, for not every colour works with every skin tone. As a matter of fact, unless you are very tanned (or Jessica Alba, because everything looks good on her), a light taupe or beige will probably wash you out.

If you have olive undertones, chances are any shades of pale green will make you look like a candidate for ER. It’s always possible to go for it, but you might need a lot of blush.

Coral, on the other hand, is a universal colour. It makes skin glow and gives the appearance of being naturally flushed.

Hair colour also needs to be considered. Blondes, no matter their skin tone, usually look very good in baby pink. Same for red-heads.

Brunettes, on the other hand are often washed out by the colour. Blondes are perhaps the luckiest because almost every colour of the spectrum looks good on them. Red-heads look fantastic in green, purple, pink and blue. Jewel tones, rich, vibrant colours such as mossy blue, forest green, regal purple, as well as red, look awesome on brunettes or darker hairs.

All in all, never underestimate the power of a flashy colour. It’s an instant rejuvenator. Literally, you’ll be noticed and may possibly feel lighter or more exotic.

Although fall is all about muted darker colours, remember summer is almost here. Reflect your happy mood on a sunny day in what you wear.

Experiment with textures and patterns. Try cashmere, a heavy cotton, jersey, lace. Animal prints, namely leopard, are all the rage (or, if you’re Gwen Stefani, all year-round).

Buy a nice shirt or corset. But don’t mix it with zebra pants. Gold and metallic colours are also in this summer. What’s not to love?

What not to try this summer

Ladies, enjoy your white pants and skirts this summer but remember to retire them after Labour Day. We are not in Florida.

Wear colourful nail polish as an accessory. It’s an unexpected splash of colour. They say the best things come in small packages.

Similarly, the greatest visual effects can come from the smallest spots. Try bright new colours and don’t be afraid to let your energy shine through your outfit.

But perhaps, keep away from lime green or electric blue. They were popular circa 1998. But don’t forget we’re in 2007.


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