You Say Party! We Say Die!

Springtime my ass! I find it hard to believe that May is just a little over two weeks away. There was a small snowstorm last week for heaven’s sake!

With that said, Exclaim’s Spring Fling tour might have sounded somewhat out of place (seeing as it’s freezing), but one of four bands in the line-up, brought in some warmth from the west.

Vancouver’s You Say Party! We say Die! is starring vocalist Becky Ninkovic, keyboardist Krista Loewen, guitarist Derek Adam, bassist Stephen O’Shea and Devon Clifford on drums. This dance-punk quintet knows how to bring in the funk and raise up the heat.

Vocalist Becky Ninkovic shares some views on touring and partying.

How has touring been so far this year?

Weird things happen all the time! We have a lot of bad luck and we always have to fix our van. But we have a lot of fun on the road and get to meet interesting people.

Bad luck, like the incident in the US that we can all read about?

[Laughs] We’re not allowed back in the States for five years! We applied for visas and they were taking a really long time to go through. We had to get down there to play the shows we booked so we tried to go down with a fake recording contract. They caught us in the lie. But it wasn’t a total lie! [Laughs] We did have recording time booked in L.A.

Speaking of a little dishonesty, how about some big honesty? Who has the worst habits while on tour?

Worst habit or worst hygiene? [Laughs] Well Krista definitely likes her mayonnaise. She has a serious mayonnaise and chips habit. Not together. [Laughs] We definitely wait for Devon a lot. Oh! And Devon likes to hang his sweaty shirts at the back of the van and when its dark in the van and you’re looking for your pillow you get a handful of super sweaty clothing and it’s really gross! We all have something!

You definitely give your fans something each time you put on a show.

People come to our shows hoping we’ll entertain them and give them a party. But we do this night after night and people might be coming out for their one day of the week to party. So we just get caught up in everyone else’s aspiration to party.

Every community is different and likes to party in their own way. So we actually just go along for the ride!

If you were throwing the party of the century, who would be invited?

Stephen wants the Wolfman! [Laughs] But I’m thinking Ariel. I’ve always wanted to meet a mermaid since before the time I could talk! [Laughs] If I could have mermaids and Stephen could have the Wolfman that would be crazy! It would have to be a mythical creature affair.

What is a good excuse to party?

A good excuse to party? Any time is a good time. No excuse! [Laughs]


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