Framing the faces of fashion

The Misshapes are not misfits when it comes to the art world. The New York based trio (Geordon Nicol, Leigh Lezark and Greg Krelenstein) set up camp in the intersection of art, music and fashion.
The Misshapes have hosted events for institutions like the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and for fashion icons Chanel, Calvin Klein and Versace.
Throwing parties since 2004 the threesome has captured countless celebrities in frames.
“We’ve been taking photos for a really long time,” Geordon Nicol explained. “At some point last year we realized just how many photos we actually had. We had been posting them on our website for years. We thought it would be such a waste to let them evaporate into the internet and it would be a great idea to put them into one capitalized unit. After being approached by some publishers we came up with the book idea.”
The Misshapes released Misshapes Book, a collection of fashion portraits including Madonna, Interpol, Arcade Fire, Chloe Sevigny, Franz Ferdinand, Mandy Moore, Leelee Sobieski, Simon Rex and Yoko Ono to name a few. The book features contributions from photographers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Ryan McGinley and Nick Zinner.
“It’s nearly 300 pages of portraits that we have taken over the past five years. Artists, celebrities, people, children and anyone who has crossed paths with the Misshapes,” Nicol described.
September has been like a wild whirlwind for the New York collective. The trio’s book was released and within days the three were off touring US cities Phoenix, Austin, Miami and LA hosting release parties.
The Misshapes then found themselves requested at actress Sienna Miller’s clothing line launch the day after their Toronto book release.
“We met at a party and bonded over our similar music tastes,” Nicol said reminiscing on meeting Miller.
“We just kept seeing each other out at different things. She asked us to Dj at her first party in London. She and the people she works with liked what we played.”
The Book means more to Nicol than assembled fashion portraits and a collection of the faces that The Misshapes have encountered. Nicol sees the project as a means to reflect on the work that they have done together over the past five years.
“It’s about looking back seeing all the people’s faces and the different performances all in one document. For the people who have been there they get to see what they were a part of. And for the people who couldn’t be there and who don’t live in New York, this is an interesting way to experience a part of New York that they may not be able to experience.”

The book is in stores now and retails for $33.50 For more info visit


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