In Tevendale We Trust

I don’t buy it and, frankly, anyone that thinks the twin towers came down as a result of a “controlled demolition” should probably start believing in leprechauns, goblins, and the tooth fairy.
Those myths have about as much truth to them as the 9/11 conspiracies.
First of all, has anyone ever thought of how many people would have to be in on this so-called government operation?
It has to be in the hundreds at least- and for everyone to keep their mouths shut? Where’s my pot of gold.
If there really is all this “irrefutable evidence,” that all these internet sites claim there is, how come nobody else in the real world has been able to gain access to it?
All this supposed evidence is nothing more than speculation and circumstantial at best.
“It wasn’t a plane that hit the pentagon, it was a guided missile.”
So I guess my eyes were lying to me when I looked at pieces of Flight 77 in a photo of the Pentagon crash site on
What about the people on board the flight itself? If it was a guided missile, then what happened to Flight 77?
The U.S. government did not destroy the World Trade Center. It was a bunch of angry extremists, nothing more. Hypothetically, let’s say that demolitions experts went to rig the WTC with explosives. That’s no small feat – and for it to be done without anyone ever noticing? No one? Of the thousands of people who worked in those buildings, not a single soul saw anyone or anything suspicious in the days leading up to the attacks? My BS indicator is going crazy.
There are a lot of people who loathe the Bush administration. There are enough educated, industrious individuals who would be able to turn up some kind of empirical evidence, if there was any.
Believe me, there are people in infinitely greater positions of authority and power who would love nothing more than to really stick it to the U.S.
If anything mentioned on sites like,, or that “documentary” Loose Change, people with more credibility would have substantiated some of these claims.
Most of the testimony on these sites is either grainy images with bad sound, or three-second sound bites from people.
One of my favourites is one on A firefighter (presumably, because you never see his/her face) is filming while he’s telling everyone to clear out because of a bomb in the building.
It has long been established that communications was an absolute nightmare on Sept. 11.
Where did this person get his information? Was it people from inside the building? On the outside? Who knows.
If someone were to talk about how the Bush administration was willfully ignorant and purposely ignored all the information they received leading up to the attacks, I could maybe stomach that.
Maybe G.W. saw these attacks as a carte blanche to invade the parts of the Middle East. But there is no way the U.S. military orchestrated the attacks of Sept. 11; there were no bombs in the WTC. It was planes and the hijackers flying them that brought the buildings down.


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