Kayne West vs. 50 Cent

There has been much hype surrounding the release of Kanye West and 50 Cent’s albums that hit stores Sept. 11.
According to Billboard charts, Kanye outsold 50 Cent by 127,000 albums on the first day of release. Both rappers were confident they would outsell the other.
50 cent was quoted saying that he would retire from rapping if Kanye sold more albums than him. 50 cent is confident that the race is not over.
Kanye’s album Graduation is full of different and creative beats. His track list includes the smash hits “Stronger,” “Champion,” “Flashing Lights,” “Glory” and “I Wonder.” Kanye’s songs make you want to move. “Stronger” is a great work-out tune.
Not to mention, you will also be able to hear his tracks at clubs and on the radio with relatively few words censored.
Kanye’s smash album features artists such as T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne, Mos Def, and Dwele. The album also includes scratches by DJ Premier.
50 Cent’s album Curtis also features an impressive inventory of artists including Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Robin Thicke, Tony Yayo, Mary J. Blige, Akon, Nicole Scherzinger, Young Buck and Eminem.
However, 50 Cent’s album is not as impressive. His tracks sound very similar.
Nonetheless, 50 Cent’s album includes a couple highlights like “Fire” and “Ayo Technology,” featuring Justin Timberlake.
You might recognize these tracks at clubs and on the radio, if the tunes are identifiable after they’ve been censored.
His track list includes songs like “My Gun Go Off,” “I’ll Still Kill” and “Fully Loaded Clip.” With that said, listener discretion is advised.
Kanye comes out as champion in regards to quality of music and quantity of unit sales.
Although he may have sold fewer albums than 50 Cent in the past, the underdog seems to have came out stronger in this round.

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