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Have you ever had a really good idea for a movie? You told yourself “this is gold, Jerry, gold!” However when you told someone they laughed at your face and stole your metro pass?
Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. Except me. Last week I shared my fantastic idea with a friend of mine (who is much smaller); it’s a reality show where people trade places with animals for a day. Wouldn’t that be something? I call it “Trading Pigsties”. Get it? I pitched it to a couple networks and although I haven’t heard from anyone since May I’m still hoping for a deal. This brings me to American Cannibal!
This documentary (some would say mockumentary) is the brainchild of Perry Grebin and Michael Nigro, who spent two and a half years silently documenting the trials and tribulations of Gil Ripley and Dave Roberts, struggling writers who were desperately trying to sell their ideas to networks around the United States.
What began as a small project in 2003 to document the different stages of a TV pilot (from pitch to production) ballooned into more than 250 hours of footage and numerous questions on the truths and consequences of reality-based entertainment.
Gil and Dave have some pretty good ideas, including a reality show they call Virgin Territory, sort of a risqu


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