NDP steals Outremont from Liberals

NDP candidate Thomas Mulcair emerged as the new MP of Outremont, winning with a vote percentage of 48.4, and the Liberals coming in at 28.4 as the by-elections draw to a close.
In a riding which was considered to be a Liberal “stronghold” where they have only lost one election in the past five decades, Mulcair’s victory may raise serious questions about Stephane Dion’s leadership, according to critics. The pendulum swing is even more dramatic considering the NDP has only won one seat ever in Quebec.
At Saint-Hyacinthe–Bagot, the Bloc Quebecois candidate Eve-Mary Tha’ Thi Lac took the honors with a vote percentage of 42.1. The Conservatives came in a close second with a percentage of 37.5, while the remaining five candidates came in at less than 10.0.
Roberval–Lac-Saint-Jean saw the Conservatives’ Denis Lebel sweeping the riding with a vote percentage of 59.4, with the Bloc Quebecois as the runner-up with 27.0.


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