Orientation & Nightlife

The time of the year where Concordians come together to share beers, summer stories, and [censored]. What better way to start the school year off right than two weeks of free events and debaucherous mayhem, culminating with a mind-blowing street party, emceed by some of Canada’s well-known musicians. This year is no exception.
The CSU, in coordination with Concordia faculties, have pooled together their collective contacts and ideas to devise the most exciting two weeks of September: Through the Decades Orientation 2007.
“Last year’s [orientation] was pretty chill. so this year I had to think of a way to top it,” said Leah Del Vecchio, VP Student Life and the pioneer of this year’s orientation. “To keep orientation exciting, we tried to think of a theme that revolves around change, and nothing changes like time.” And they’ve held true to this theme. From the 1920’s to the year 2000, Concordia will pass through time quicker than a first year history major.
With that said, here’s a list of some of what you can expect from Orientation 2007:
 Movies Under the Stars: Check out the Hall Building Terrace for the classic movies The Wizard of Oz and Ferris Bueler’s Day Off
 A Night in Chicago: Party with martinis and jazz bands and the remains of Al Capone
 Comedy Night: Comic Joey Elias will bust your gut.
 Stingers Opener: Rock out to a plethora of live bands while supporting the Stingers as they pummel the Bishop’s Gaiters in their home opener.
 Beer Festival: Get drunk! ‘Nuff said.
 K-OS and Metric: Finish off orientation with this free concert and be the envy of every McGill student you know.


Brutopia: Live music and tasty microbrew. It’s a great place to go if you’ve got nowhere to go, but need to get out of the house.
Reggie’s: Dollar beers on Thursdays, Habs games on the big screen – Reggie’s embodies everything that student partying should be. N.B. Check out their new not-made-in-the-seventies sign!
Tokyo: It’s trendy, but not in a “look how cool I am standing in the corner and not caring what people think about me” kind of way. Try to get there before the winter, because their patios are phenomenal.
McKibbin’s: We’ve all been there and have all sworn we’d never go back, but all you can drink Wednesdays have been integrated into all of our lives, whether we like it or not. $20 for guys, $5 for ladies.
Kafein: If you don’t feel like waiting in line on Wednesdays at McKibbin’s, why not cross the street to Kafein Lounge for some shisha, cheap shots, and dope-laced mashups by DJ 10Hens or check it out for some free live jazz on Mondays. Also a great place to study in the day time or just plain chill out.
Bifteck: A first year student must, Bifteck is THE sleaze bar in Montreal – a great way to end the night, in both senses of the word.


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