Profile of the week: Elie Chivi

Elie Chivi is the president of Concordia’s International Student Association and has been involved with the association ever since he arrived at Concordia University. “My sister was president when I first got here, so she kind of reeled me in,” he explained. “Besides that, I just find it’s amazing, all these international students came in together, took charge and actually did stuff for each other,” he said.
Coming from abroad with limited resources, leaving friends and family behind is an experience shared by a large number of students. Chivi could be counted among those students. Born in Lebanon, he left his home country at a young age and grew up in Dubai.
Helping others build a social network is what Chivi enjoys about the association. He describes the role of his team as a support network. “One of our biggest mandates is to welcome new students. It means, our executives have to be always smiling and always welcoming or else they’re not doing their job.”
Although he feels his team of executives is up to the task, he recognizes it will take them a lot of dedication. Unlike Dubai, where life seems to be flowing at a slower pace, Chivi finds la m


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