Show Off

“I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one. Whatever deceptions life may have in store for you, music itself is not going to let you down” -Virgil Thompson

Tuesday, September 25
-This Quiet Army, Milimetrik, Ulrich Schnauss @ Sala Rossa
-Suzanne Vega,
Richard Julian @ La Tulipe
-Longwave, Robbers on
High Street @ Lambi
-Ben Harper @ St-Denis

Wednesday, September 26
-Iron & Wine @ Metropolis
-Andrew Bird @ La Tulipe
-Pierre Bensusan @ Lambi

Thursday, September 27
-Fionn Regan @ Cabaret
-Thomas Dolby & The Jazz
Mafia Horns @ Petit Campus
-Soulive @ La Tulipe
-Roz Bell @ Metropolis

Friday, September 28
-Hot Springs, Miracle Fortress
@ Le National

September 28 (cont’d)
-Portugal, The Man @ Lambi
-Jordan Dare, Sinden @ S.A.T.
-Ashes of Eden, Horfixion
@ Theatre Plaza

Saturday, September 29
-The Royal Mountain Band
@ Divan Orange
-The Black Tyranny,
Arch Enemy, Machine Head
& more @ Le Medley
-Bat For Lashes, The Brunettes @ Petit Campus

Sunday, September 30
-Beirut @ Sala Rossa
-The Electrocutionerdz
@ Bar St-Laurent

Tuesday, October 2
-Dirty on Purpose, Fujiya
& Miyagi @ Lambi
-Gary Husband & guests
@ Theatre Maisonneuve

This Week’s Pick:

Iron and Wine is the stage name for musician Sam Beam, who often wrote, recorded and produced his music in his home studio. His debut The Creek Drank the Cradle features acoustic guitars, banjos and slide guitar; the whole often said to be along the lines of Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Simon & Garfunkel. His cover of The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” was used in a commercial for M&Ms, as well as in the soundtrack for Garden State. Beam was previously a professor of Film & Cinematography.


Montreal’s own Miracle Fortress.

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