Stingers struggle to finish, settle for 1-1 draw against Redmen

Despite out-chancing their opponents, the Stingers had to settle for a tie against the McGill Redmen on Loyola field on Sunday.
“We should have won that match. We had the majority of the chances by far, we just couldn’t finish” said assistant coach Francois Bastien.
At the start, it looked like the match might be a high-scoring affair.
Midfielder Ivan Martin-Florez, a third-year film studies major, scored in the first three minutes of the match with a shot just inside the box that barely trickled past the outstretched arms of the McGill goalie.
McGill responded almost immediately. Two minutes later freshman midfielder Thomas Lucas unleashed a tricky shot that seemed to fool Concordia goalie, Daniel De Palma, catching him out of position.
For the remainder of the first half, the Stingers produced several close scoring chances, particularly coming off set plays. Mid-field wingers Nather Jarrar and captain Sandro Addesa produced several exciting chances using their speed to attack down the wing and float dangerous crosses into the box.
Team captain Addesa says that the new coaching staff has implemented a more offensive style.
“We used to play a more defensive style. The new coaches have us implementing a more offensive system. Maybe we aren’t totally used to it yet, but I think we have been and will continue to improve with it,” he said.
In the second half, the Stingers came out a little tentative and McGill controlled possession forcing goalie Daniel De Palma into some tough saves.
After 60 minutes of play however, the Stingers regained composure, took better possession of the ball, and with it, the majority of the chances.
The final 10 minutes of the match saw the Stingers have seemingly chance after chance. The Redmen seemed unable to contain Addesa, who consistently set up his strikers with almost perfect crosses and through balls.
Despite the new offensive style, Concordia was unable to capitalize on their chances, and remains winless so far this season. The tie brings them to 0-2-1. But both Bastien and Addesa insist that the simple win-loss ratio doesn’t tell the whole story.
“We deserve more than just one point in the standings so far. We have been improving every game since training camp,” said assistant coach Bastien.
“We deserved to beat both Laval and McGill. These are the big teams and we are right with them” said Addesa.
Both coach Bastien and Addesa have high hopes about the outlook of this season.
“What is encouraging is that we have been improving every game since training camp. We just lack the confidence right now. Finishing and composure will be something we will focus on in practice,” said Bastien.
“I’m in my final year so I certainly hope we do well! But seriously, so far this season we have really improved and I am stoked about the guys and the coaches” said Addesa.


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