The Aude Couture Series:

Back to school means back to Aude Couture. Madame Couture tells all Concordia students, no matter what their shape or size, how to dress for their body type and keep up with the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Yes, my friends, it is here again. That time of year when the air becomes crisp, the leaves turn red and your brain is consumed with school-related concerns.
Lucky for you, dressing trendy this season won’t occupy much of your thoughts (if indeed, dressing well is one of your school-related concerns!)
We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to look for next time you go shopping.

Gray is back
And we’re not just talking about Meredith.
The forecast is cloudy in fashion this season with shades from pearly grays to charcoal.
Paler grays tend to wash out some complexions though, so stick to darker shades.
Michael Kors (genius!) has paired amazing rich gray sweater dresses with tan trench coats and big shades on the runway.
Do the same and expect the sun to shine instantly.

Get waist-ed
Ladies tuck that tummy in! This season, it’s all about cinching that waist.
From belted sweaters to belted coasts to a resurgence of chunky-equestrian-elastic belts by the dozens in stores like Zara and Old Navy, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste and your budget.
Our favourite look: skinny jeans, high heels and a dress shirt cinched by an elastic belt.
Now, that’s being elegantly waist-ed!

Girl meets boy

Fans of Annie Hall, rejoice!
This fall, fashion blurs once more the line between what men and women wear, as women get inspired by the masculine gender.
You can choose from men’s vests to slouchy trousers to structured blazers.
And plaid is just dandy, if you want to emulate Scottish sugar daddies!
But unless you want to look like Avril Lavigne, ladies, steer clear of ties.
Biker chick
Not only are the women this season aiming to be a tad masculine, they are also looking to bring out their wild sides. And we are not talking about wearing your American Choppers or Harley Davidson t-shirts and matching bandanas.
We’re talking about splurging on a super cute and eternally in fashion biker jacket.
No patches allowed! Think butter soft leather (or animal-friendly pleather) in a bomber shape, with cinching at the wrists and waist.
Armed with such an asset, don’t you feel ready to kick some tush?

Knit club, anyone?

Looking for something warm, cozy, chunky and snuggly this season? Search no more!
Big chunky knits are back and comfier than ever. Although their shapes may vary from cardigan, to turtleneck, to extra-deep V-necks, there seems to be a resurgence of cache-Coeur and tunics.
And both newly back in fashion looks have the added qualities of hiding a somewhat larger, yet beautiful tummy or down-sizing a voluptuous chest. Plus, they’ll feel like one big hug.

All that glitters

?We won’t lie:? it’s all about the bling! And this season, this translates to metallic colours and embellishments.
Silver, bronze and gold can be found in everything from purses to shoes to jewelry.
As for embellishments, they come in the forms of chain-link prints, star prints and text prints, as well as studs and jewels. Now that’s a way to make a big bang.


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