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Is there anything more frustrating than going on a shopping spree and coming back empty-handed?
A lot of factors can influence one’s shopping habits, whether it be a terrible case of indecisiveness, a case of “bipolar-ness” or the classic case of “overwhelm-ness”.
No matter the symptoms, the diagnosis remains the same:?dissatisfaction and time not-so-well wasted. Thank God your shopping doctor caught you on time!
Here’s what to do to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.
?How to cure a case of indecisiveness

This is an easy one. Know what you are shopping for. This requires, in the words of Oprah’s personal party planner, Colin Cowrie, “a constant editing of your wardrobe.” ?
What do you need? What are you lacking? Many people decide to shop based on their instincts. Everyone has had those I-need-to-spend-money-now days.
Although shopping instinctively can sometimes lead to interesting finds, it will most probably leave a hole in your bank account, regrets on your part and will surely guarantee you another trip to the store to return those articles you weren’t too crazy about in the first place.
So pick your battles. If you are in need of tops, stick to shopping for tops.
Of course if you find the courage, once in the field, to tackle the pants section, then go for it! But targeting your needs will give you a precise goal that?you need to achieve by the end of your?adventure through the stores.
Those who wish to be even more prepared before embarking on their travels through the Montreal malls, use the most useful of all tools: the Internet.
Go and explore the websites of major stores. That way, you can already screen what you might like. Jot down the name of the article, its collection or its description and head to the store.
Once there, ask the sale?associates for that particular item. Maybe you’ll fall even more in love with it or you will realize it looked better in the picture. But really, the ultimate protection against this shopping disease still remains the trusted and true: bring your friend along.
A friend will keep you focused and will help you decide what looks best on you. Try bringing a friend who isn’t too self-absorbed.
If he/she starts shopping for him/herself and totally forgets about you, then you haven’t solved your problem. Instead you’ve found another one.
How to cure a case of “bipolar-ness”

Let’s face it: the human brain works in strange ways. It is common for some people to have a strong desire to do something and then once there, loose that desire completely.
Many people are like that when it comes to shopping. Let’s face it; this one is pretty much incurable.
But you need to ask yourself why you wanted to go shopping in the first place: simply to kill time, to escape from an uncomfortable situation, to make yourself feel better? WRONG!
Shopping doesn’t cure anything. In the long run, it won’t make you feel better. Often times, when you feel like crap?and you walk into a store with beautiful clothes and beautiful people shopping around you,?you will?feel even worse and will want to flee the premises. Feeling good is an inside job. Period.
How to cure a case of “overwhelm-ness”

This one is an evil one and it can happen to the best of us. At times, no matter the level of organization or how narrow your search is, you just feel discouraged.
One remedy is to find a store you particularly like, a place where you are always excited to be. Go back often and befriend the staff.
That way if you get in one day and feel discouraged, they’ll help you or even suggest stuff you might like. Plus, they will already know your size.
Also, keep your blood-sugar level high. Shopping is like a sport; you need to keep your energy level up.
So bring something to snack on and keep yourself hydrated!


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