The new F-word

OK, we all saw Britney’s performance at the MTV VMAs last week, and yes, I’ll be the first to admit that it was far from entertaining. In fact, we pretty much all sat there with gaping mouths thinking “holy ****”!
Although the performance itself was awful, and spawned an avalanche of criticism within seconds, the bulk of the comments focused on Brit’s weight, other than the disastrous dancing and pseudo lip-synching.
Britney’s Spears, fat? What? An image of the slender and toned 20 year-old, pre-baby Britney popped into my head. Her taught stomach, and slender legs perusing along stage after stage – with the occasional live python of course.
Then it hit me. Of course she looks fat; some lampposts look fat compared to what she used to look like!
The huge outpour of chunky-accusations got me thinking.
That woman had two kids within less than three year, has gone through an obvious downwar spiral in terms of her mental well -being and has yet to lose all the baby weight.
But, if I look like that after I have two kids within three years, I’ll be damn happy.
What are we saying to young girls about image when we call a body like Brit’s fat? I’m not defending her performance, or her choice to wear a barely-there bikini.
Honestly though, have we become so over-obsessed with body image that a size 6 or 8 has turned into being fat?
Whatever happened to real women with curves? Hips instead of hip bones, breasts instead of nipples, legs that look like they wouldn’t snap if you accidentally bumped into a desk; a healthy, feminine body!
It seems as though we’ve come to a point in society where the majority of people are either dangerously skinny or weight-obsessed or totally obese.
We either starve ourselves to fit into that pair of Sevens, or just fall half-blissfully into a mountain of burgers, poutine and soft drinks.
Whatever happened to being healthy? Apparently we don’t care, and we certainly don’t make excuses for something as crazy as baby-weight!
Maybe we’re all so concerned with our own image that we jump at the opportunity to attack someone else’s.


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