Vegan unless otherwise indicated

If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s bound to. It can happen anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 8 p.m., so be prepared.
Class is over, and you, my friend, are hungry.
Higher education can be draining, both on energy and on the pocketbook. What you need is to replenish your stores without depleting your cash reserves. You’ve tried the campus eateries, but now you crave a change. You also need some quality nutrients.
To remedy the situation, I recommend you walk, bike or bus yourself down to Bonny’s to sample one of the best-kept vegan secrets on the island.
Here, chef Bonny Tees prepares each menu item from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. This means fresh, organic, seasonal and local products. Beyond the fruits and vegetables, her menu features the usual vegetarian suspects: tempeh, tofu, quinoa, bulgur, soy, but all are prepared in a thoughtful and creative way.
Her mission is to prepare healthy food that tastes good. To accomplish this, she draws on her background in macrobiotic cookery to create delectable concoctions that use none of the typical shortcuts; no white refined sugar, no eggs, no honey, no excess salt, no store bought sauces and meat (of course).
The carnivore in you is probably wondering which ingredients she can use, if not those, and how could it possibly be hearty or filling, or even interesting at all. The meat eater in me, completely stuffed and still drunk from gustatory delight, is wondering: “Oh, where to begin?”
There is the regular menu, available at all times, which features (vegan!) lasagna, chili, the Boca Burger (a signature dish), a variety of soups, sandwiches and salads that vary depending on the season and what’s available and abundant at the market.
More interestingly, for variety’s sake, there is the daily special. This fruit of Bonny’s imagination changes each day, with certain recurring favorites and many one-time deals. No rotating schedule for these tasty treats, so even the regulars are in for some surprises.
I sat down to a cup of earthy, almost nutty, mushroom soup with smoked salt, which, paired with the woodsy d


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