What does CSU stand for? Meet the Concordia Student Union

Last week, when asked what the main purpose of the Concordia Student Union (CSU) was, newly elected President, Angelica Novoa summed it up in one sentence: “Our purpose is to make students’ lives as hassle-free and fun as possible.”
As students were making it back to class last week, Novoa and her fellow elected executives took possession of the CSU office on the seventh floor of the Hall Building.
Several of the eight students elected to the executive committee discussed the issues the CSU will be dealing with this year.


The CSU will be providing various services. Looking for a job or apartment? The student union seeks to help you with a classifieds section on their website. Having trouble with a teacher? The student union provides The Student Advocacy Center, where consultants are available to help you deal with uneasy situations involving any faculty member.
Look towards the CSU for other services such as health care, dental insurance, free use of phones, organizing social and cultural events on campus.


Throughout the year, CSU executives have also vowed to promote student rights through various campaigns. One of the major campaigns for this year’s CSU will be making Concordia an increasingly sustainable environment.
To ensure that this objective is reached, a new position was created on the student executive committee. The committee will therefore have its first sustainability vice-president. Mathieu Perron-Murphy, who was elected last spring, thinks his appointment will help make Concordia more sustainable.
“I know that there are lots of people launching strong sustainability initiatives on campus. I think that beforehand, these people didn’t have the facilitator they needed inside the CSU so they couldn’t get the resources for their demands. By having me around, these people will now consistently have a person that they can go talk to about their initiatives,” said Perron-Murphy.
Perron-Murphy and the CSU are expected to launch various green policies this year.
These measures will include an ethical and sustainable buying policy for the CSU, the distribution of reusable mugs at events, and promoting green businesses in the University’s vicinity.


Interestingly, this year the CSU will be increasing their focus on developing a student-friendly Loyola campus.
A brand new student-run bar/caf


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