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Celebri-kids and the things they do

by Archives October 16, 2007

Apparently we should change the alphabet song to include the string D.U.I. Everyday we’re hearing about another celebrity entering rehab, or being charged with something-or-other. It’s getting a bit ridiculous, no?
It’s as though you need to have a record to be popular. Lohan, Hilton, Sutherland, Gibson, Rodriguez. . . I’ll stop there because if I name every celebrity with a record for DUI or drug possession I won’t have any space left to write this article.
At this point I think it’s pretty clear that when immaturity meets money and fame, sh*t hits the fan and flies, baby! It’s not even a question of age anymore. Until Mel Gibson got busted, I was quick to blame the parents of the young starlets who run wild and lack boundaries.
But when adults like Gibson and Keifer Sutherland are getting busted as well, it clearly isn’t a parental question anymore. Look, I know that all kinds of people get busted for DUI’s. But celebrities know they’re in the public eye, they’re followed by paparazzi almost everywhere they go, shouldn’t that make them think twice about doing something exceedingly stupid? Apparently not.
Don’t think I’m letting the parents off the hook here just because some adults got caught as well. The parents of these young celebrities need a good slap. They’re raising little monsters with no discipline, no perception of consequence and a huge sense of entitlement.
Whatever happened to instilling an awareness of responsibility and pride in your children? Instead, it appears as though the parents of these celeb-wrecks are merely living vicariously through their children; they’ve become their buddies instead of figures of authority. Or they leave things up to the nannies.
If your kid is making thousands – if not millions – of dollars, the last thing they need is another buddy, they need someone with a spine who won’t let them get away with any crap.
It’s not only Hollywooders either, professional athletes are going down the same path. That’s what happens when ignorant people get money and resources. They do stupid things like pit dogs against each other for their own amusement.
A huge portion of professional athletes start their careers very young, many don’t even finish their education. It comes back to the same circumstances as young celebrities: having too much stardom, money, being too immature and having no one in your life who’ll set you straight.
Moreover, the figures of authority for athletes often condone the use of banned substances in order to achieve success, so that right there doesn’t exactly set a shining example for these young pros.
Is there a solution? Probably not, it’s not like there’s a school where parents can go and learn how to raise their celebri-kids properly.
Nor is there demand for it. That’s probably the root of this problem – parents don’t realize that what they’re doing is wrong. It’s up to us, the consumers, to declare our dissatisfaction with the comportment of public figures by boycotting their productions. I’m a realist, a mass boycott of Lindsay Lohan’s newest film is probably not going to happen.
But if we can at least explain to the young, easily influenced people in our lives that it’s not OK to act the way that they do off-screen or off the field, rink, etc., then at least we’ll be making some progress.

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