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Several players get a try as Stingers roll over Bishop's 44-0

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Clash of the video titans

Blockbuster 2102 St. Catherine W. Many cinephiles see Blockbuster as evil incarnate. It is well known that film studios are forced into making Blockbuster versions of their video releases, with graphic content deleted. The Blockbuster version of Requiem for a Dream, for example, has some of its most brutal and powerful scenes censored.

Chaos set to hit Montreal

The first annual Taste of Chaos tour, produced by Kevin Lyman (Vans Warped Tour), is already underway. It will be stopping in Montreal Thursday March 3 at the Uniprix Stadium.

Grey Matters of the Heart: Autumn Ball screening at FNC

Life, as portrayed in Autumn Ball, is bleak and confusing, cold and twisted, moving, comical and downright honest. Estonian filmmaker Veio Ounpuu, with his most gentle brush stroke, has painted for us the lives of six Estonians as they struggle with self-identity and loneliness upon a canvas of grey, soviet-era housing blocks.