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Future-Tense: If Obama Loses?

Perhaps to a fault, there is an extraordinary amount of emotional investment in the result of the Nov. 4 American presidential election. A previously wounded liberal America has been resurrected by the unpopularity of a Republican president and a failing economy.

Portrait of the artist as a welfare bum

Recently, the Canada Arts Council voted to provide $95,000 to artist Cesare Saez, so that he could launch a 300-metre inflatable banana into geosynchronous orbit over the state of Texas. Now, as reported in the Globe and Mail, despite the fact that Saez never actually constructed his inflatable fruit and now says the project will not go ahead, he is under no obligation to return the money.
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‘Tis the season to be broke

It’s that time of year again. The first snowfall has passed, the jolly tunes have come out, and, most importantly, preparation has begun for the annual visit from the big man from the North Pole. Christmas trees are up, decorations are set, and Starbucks has officially started serving Christmas in a cup.

The Government we Deserve

In the upcoming months and years, Canadians will hear much from Harper on his strengthened minority government's "mandate." We will be informed that we have apparently given sanction to his platform in its entirety. But it will be a lie. And it will remain so until we change the way we vote.