Pop Montreal kicks off this Wednesday, single-handedly filling the city’s bars, venues and dingy pubs with musical acts of all calibers. This is a most enjoyable way to rummage in the bin of up-and-coming (and some well established) bands. The genres will span the entire spectrum of what can reasonably be called music, from the navel-gazing electro-beat freak DJ to the ear-splitting screams of some obscure hardcore act. Overall though, look at the following week as an investment to future good times; you’re bound to discover a new favorite band to enjoy as the city grows colder. Below is a select picks of the good, the hyped, and the downright interesting.


Katie Moore:
Homegrown alt-country princess with a voice to die for. Her new album Only Thing Worse was just released and holds great promises for those into crooning, candlelight and heartbreak.
9 p.m. @ La Sala Rossa

Miracle Fortress:
Keep an eye out for this Montreal quartet, which is on the fast track into the public consciousness. Although the live performance consist of a full band, the music is created by Think About Life’s Graham Van Pelt, so the distinctly layered sound should come as no surprise for those familiar with the Montreal music scene.
9 p.m. @ La Tulipe

This electro indie brainchild of Daniel V. Snaith has been the talk of the crowd with the launch of Andorra, their fourth album (counting those released under the name Manitoba). Although Snaith single-handedly concocts the loungy tunes he takes a full band with him on the road, and since most of the songs are decidedly non-confrontational the show should prove to be a relaxed sonic pit stop on the road to Pop heaven.
11 p.m. @ La Tulipe


A sure bet for a feel-good jolt to your day, although their disco-pop might have suited a later slot better. 2 p.m. @ Le Divan Orange – Thursday/Friday.

Final Fantasy:
Arcade Fire’s Owen Pallett loops violin segments and beats into skillfully crafted melodies, the show is one to catch as much for the craftsmanship as the songs themselves.
10 p.m. @ The Ukranian Federation

Cody ChesnuTT:
Best known to the general public through his vocal performance on The Roots’ remake of his original song “The Seed”, ChesnuTT never the less has a long list of accomplishments to his own name. The performance of his new album, The Live Performance, is, as the name suggests, intended for live performances.
ChesnuTT will involve the audience, so it’s bound to be one of the most soulful (and popular) shows of the festival.
10 p.m. @ Theatre National


More disco-poppy tunes from this Montreal quartet, catchy beats and high-energy dance moves are sure to get the crowd bopping with excitement. The band has been around for a while, but in spite frequent appearances around town never quite made it as big as many expected. That might change though, with their energetic performances driving the engine.
Midnight @ Hemisphere Gauche

Plants and Animals:
Make songs that please the ear and soothe shot nerves with beautiful melodies and sing-a-long vocal harmonies. All three members are involved in various other projects in the local scene, and a fair amount of expectations are connected to their debut album, which has been in the making for quite a few months already.
9 p.m. @ The Ukrainian Federation

Patti Smith:
What to say that’s not already been said a thousand times? The legendary 70’s punk poet will be playing in a church, and the show is guaranteed to be one of the hottest tickets around town.
If you have a pass, make sure to reserve a place, if not: get there early or get out.
8:30 p.m. @ Eglise St-Jean-Baptiste


This British band swept Europe last summer with the discussion of whether performers have to create their own songs to be considered any good. Backstreet Boys for the indie crowd or a worthy musical ensemble? Decide for yourself.
10 p.m. @ Petit Campus

Former Unicorn fans have long since embraced this eclective collective of music, now spearheaded by vocalist Nick ‘Diamond’ Thorburn. Expect danceable songs, plucking of strings, and the unexpected.
11 p.m. @ Cabaret du Mus


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