Check back Friday for the answer!

Although we started off with a joke Sudoku this week, it was to tantalize you so you’d come back for the real one next week, and the week after. Come back for real Sudoku!

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PR firm will not solve problems

Concordia University outlined two weeks ago that one of the actions that they would take to remedy the effects of Sept. 9 will be to improve Concordia's "image and reputation," by hiring a public relations firm. Getting a PR firm to help the university will not cover-up problems of tensions on campus and will not make the problems go away.

THINK globally

With the release of last week's tape from second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri, the collapse of al Qaeda is now complete. In what's become an uncomfortably familiar spectacle for antiwar activists, authors and politicians, Zawahiri took the Dems' anti-war talking points of last week and made them his pro-surrender screed this week.