Check back Friday for the answer!

Although we started off with a joke Sudoku this week, it was to tantalize you so you’d come back for the real one next week, and the week after. Come back for real Sudoku!

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One-trick pony

For opposition parties, a confidence vote is a tricky thing to manage. On one hand, a party may wish to bring down a minority government if it perce ives that the time is ripe for an election. This is exactly what happened in Jan. 2006, when Stephen Harper's Conservatives sensed a weakness within the Liberal ranks, mired back then in the infamous sponsorship scandal.
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Why Quebec shouldn’t be using our credit cards

Just make students pay. It seems like a simple enough solution. According to the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities, the university system in this province is severely underfunded. Tuition in Quebec is the lowest in Canada, so what’s the harm in bringing the rates in La Belle Province closer to the national average?