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Cafeine: A fine Quebec export

by Archives November 27, 2007

Xavier Cafeine has become a major figure in Montreal’s rock alternative scene and is now standing on the brink of international stardom. The Quebec native won the International Young Stars contest held by Sonicbirds in Germany. And the prize? Cafeine walked away with a record deal and a tour. The German label Silversonic will release Cafeine’s latest album Gisele in February, 2008 along with 10 tour dates in Germany.
Here at home, the singer-songwriter recently picked up Rock ‘n Roll Album of the Year at the GAMIQ awards and two nominations at the ADISQ for Best Rock Album and Best Male Artist. “I like being categorized under rock,” the award winner said. “There are so many sub groups right now. It’s become a great mutation of guitars, drums and attitude. It’s not the same, but change is good.”
From soundman to DJ to rock star, change is something Cafeine has become accustomed to. A lot of things have change since the release of Gisele last year. “I get recognized now and people approach me while I do my groceries,” Cafeine laughed. “Oh, and I was able to quit my day job!”
So how does one quit their day job and adapt so quickly in an entirely different world? Cafeine insists that it all comes down to comfort and self-preservation. “Don’t try to be sexy if you aren’t a sexual person. Don’t put on a disguise. You need to be comfortable. It’s all about being who you are and expressing yourself without being phoney.”
The Europeans have picked up on Cafeine’s promise and brilliance and he has become one fine Quebec export.
Xavier Cafeine plays Club Soda on Friday, Nov.30

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