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Accomodation and Prejudice

How unreasonable is reasonable accommodation to the citizens of Quebec today? A young Sikh boy in Montreal was charged and taken to court on Feb. 10 for allegedly using his ceremonial kirpan in an inappropriate fashion, in an incident involving questionable testimonies from several students.

The case for abolishing the Canadian Senate

WINNIPEG (CUP) -- According to Link Byfield, one of four Albertan 'senators-in-waiting,' "the objectionable thing about the Canadian Senate is not, for the most part, who sits in it, but that the Senators owe their loyalty and gratitude to the man and party that appointed them, not to their province.

Marshall’s Law

This is it, the last publication of the year. The issue that will stay on the stands until September. Consequently, I had to come up with something so profound, so awe inspiring, that even in the hot month of July the topic would still incite passion. So naturally I couldn't really think of something and decided to go with a column of random musings.